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The Alexander Technique is a practical method for obtaining a more effective and balanced use of the body. It is a skill which can be employed in any activity. The Technique helps to develop your consciousness; you become more aware of how you respond to life’s situations. You learn better to detect unnecessary and excessive tensions in the tasks you perform. Generally it’s old and unconscious habits which decide how we are going to do something. When you realise more clearly what it is you do and what these habits are, it’s easier to change them. You can see with little children how naturally upright they are and how freely they move around. With the Alexander Technique we too can learn again some of this natural freedom.


The Norwegian Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique was founded in 1995. It is a society of Alexander teachers in Norway, or with connections to Norway. NFLAT is aiming to expand the knowledge and understanding of the technique. It is working to maintain and develop a high standard of teaching, and of securing ethical standards in the practice of Alexander teachers. It is the object of NFLAT to represent its members and the technique in public life, and in relation to the authorities.

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